I’m all in!

grandpa square

What sensation do you feel when you hear those 3 simple words? It’s really a gambling term often used in poker. One can almost visualize a nervous individual holding a hand of cards while glancing nervously at the others sitting around the table, wondering what cards of the deck they held. At some point the decision must be made. “Should I gamble and push all my chips into the pile, or should I hedge my bet? The thrill of the game become palatable when one ups the ante and steps into the unknown. That is going ‘All In’.

This is the mindset that gave rise to the upgrade being presented to our fellowship. Sometimes it’s easier to do nothing and not rock the boat. Many might say, ‘if it’s not broke, why fix it’? But the leadership of PC Global is recognizant of the fact that time and growth necessitate change.

A new decade is fast upon us. Our long-held vision has never been more relevant. The opportunity for harvest is vast… and growing! If we are to capture the fruit available for the taking around the world, we must act. The values we hold dear must be more than just words, they simply must be put into practice!

  • Connectivity:  As we set aside our own interests and work together in harmony to do the will of God, we have the ability to make a significant difference in our world.
  • Collaboration:  When we aggressively share our resources in a common effort to send workers, we will accomplish so much more than trying to do it on our own.
  • Empowerment:  When we truly seek the leading of the Holy Spirit and depend on Him for direction, our efforts will be multiplied.
  • Mutuality:  As we honor the spiritual gifts in others and set aside old understandings of ministry ‘under us’ to embrace working with each other, not caring who gets the credit, the work of God will accelerate.

It’s time for PC Global to mature and take the next step as a church planting movement. Let’s get behind the apostolic call for change. Let’s embrace the 2020 mandate for our vision. The ‘Upgrade’ has been laid out. It will require more from every one of us. Are you all in?

The harvest is huge, the need for us to work together has never been greater. Let’s ‘go for it’ and go ‘all in’.

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