Ghana, West Africa

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PC Global planted our first church in Ghana over 30 years ago. Today there are Praise Chapel churches all over the nation. They continue to plant churches that plant churches. We count it an honor to partner with our dear bothers and sisters in Ghana, Africa.

Here is a report of 2019 missions trip to Ghana.

On August 1st myself and a group of 17 young missionaries from PCOC, Paramount Spanish, and New Life Kingman congregations set out to Ghana, West Africa for a two-week mission to support our 26 fellowship churches in West Africa. Most of these travelers had never experienced world travel first-hand, but were fresh off the Elevate Conference with an eager expectation that God could use their voice, their feet, and their willingness to go.

Upon our arrival we immediately split up into groups attempting to spread our reach throughout the many regions of Ghana. It was amazing the different opportunities and experiences we had sharing the love of Christ. We enjoyed the opportunity to minister in dozens of Praise Chapel churches, encouraging each congregation in their mission to win the lost. Oftentimes, our peculiar accent and skin tone was the only open door needed to share the gospel in these secluded areas outside of the capitol city of Accra. There were times that we were able to spend a few hours playing on the shores of the Atlantic with children from the local fishing village of Bortianor; while others visited local salons, seamstresses, and shops praying over business owners and believing with them for the Lord’s provision. The local Police Authority allowed us to speak a message of freedom and pray with inmates awaiting trial, and we were invited to share our message with University, High School and Elementary students while also providing them with treats that we carried with us from the United States. We danced, sang, laughed, played, testified, preached, and prayed for hundreds, perhaps thousands of extremely welcoming and receptive Ghanian people. What a beautiful nation—and what amazing people!

Most of us went to Ghana expecting to give and invest a little of ourselves—and while we were able to do that, I think we all returned with something different to report. Our beautiful fellowship in Ghana led brilliantly by Pastor Eric Daafour, is an unbelievable treasure. Every church we visited was led by passionate Pastors and filled with bright, young, and excited disciples. From working class people in indigenous villages to University students in the capitol city—we are partners and co-laborers sharing the same vision with amazing people all over this beautiful planet. How blessed we are to be apart of a fellowship that is reaching the lost, and building disciples even in the far reaching villages of West Africa!

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